WHAT THE CLIMATE: “Air conditioning can no longer be considered a luxury,” says B.C. Hydro CEO Chris O’Riley so why not live a little. Canadian Care Heating & Cooling knows that with an air conditioner or heat pump selected by our installation experts you and your family will feel your best no matter what the climate is happening outdoors.

Province of British Columbia apparently wants the best things in life to be free now including free air conditioners. Some seniors, vulnerable and low-income members of society will be able access a new $10M program administered by B.C. Hydro according to reports.

B.C. Hydro is also offering an additional incentive to residential customers purchasing qualifying air conditioner models until July 28, 2023. What price cooling comfort indeed. 

Safety: Crucial for Home Improvement

SEE THE LIGHT: Five hotshot Port Coquitlam firefighters are now Transport Canada-licensed to fly quadcopter-mounted thermal camera systems that will help to detect hotspots in fires, aid search and rescue and track progress of team members working away from line-of-sight.

Residential homeowners are also turning to boiler inspection service providers for thermal camera readings that can help assist with leak-detection in piping used by radiant home heating systems. The thermal camera’s sensor registers heat radiation from the far-infrared range whose longer wavelengths are too faint for the average human eye to detect.

Image displays typically offer a selection of colour palettes where hot is indicated by brighter colours and cool indicated by those darker. Reverse palette options further emphasize introducing greater contrast that more effectively displays temperature differences in home materials.

Heat Dome’s Legacy: Heat Pumps as Saviors

If only there was some way to extend heat pump rebates for B.C. condo residents who just want to stay cool. With a reported over $11,000 in federal, provincial and municipal rebates available downstream from 2021’s deadly local summer climate disaster many are asking why only single-family detached homes qualify.

According to the CBC, “Heat pumps use electricity to pull heat from the air, allowing them both keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The devices, which also filter air, use much less energy than gas furnaces, electric baseboard heating or portable air conditioners.”

B.C. Hydro estimates there are 200,000 heat pumps currently installed in British Columbia. However, apartments and condos do not presently qualify for rebates as they are cited for two-thirds the energy consumption of a single-family detached home. A spokesperson interviewed by the CBC explained how rebates are offered as an incentive to customers switching fuels from gas to electricity or those living with high electrical consumption only.

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