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HEAT WAVE: Sudden onset of summer-like temperatures offered a big climate surprise to some Vancouver Lower Mainland residents this month. May’s familiar transitional weather was cast aside when immediate demand for cooling relief came to town.

For homeowners and businesses familiar with Canadians’ love of comfort today’s hot climate shock further validated sound choices for residential and commercial cooling systems installation (including air conditioning and heat pumps) at homes and workplaces throughout the region.

For those caught by surprise the need for cooling comfort has never seemed more pressing and urgent.

Beating The Heat: More Than a Weather Issue

SILENT KILLER: “Impacts of heat are death,” says the managing director of climate-resilient infrastructure at the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo.

Reporting from the university emphasizes how professional deep cooling and heating system retrofits for existing residential buildings are necessary home renovations for Canadian landlords and homeowners. Under temptation to implement short-cuts Canadians are urged by climate researchers to commit to more resilient cooling solutions.

AT RISK: According to an item from CTV local heat wave conditions exposed particularly vulnerable populations to increased health risks this month. These groups include “Heat stroke survivors, those with heart or lung issues, or on certain medications” as well as “Seniors, people with disabilities, children and pregnant people, and people with substance use disorder.”

Know Your Allies: Heat Pump & AC Combos

Households with members living with these conditions can explore options for residential cooling systems including air conditioning and heat pumps to alleviate known risks to health among other options.

CLIMATE CRISIS: Role of urban heat islands cited in further University of Waterloo report coverage where “Cities can actually be around 10 to 15 degrees hotter than the surrounding area, just because of the artificial surfaces” absorbing then re-emitting solar radiation. According to the university, the trend towards hotter climate conditions is irreversible, a remorseless scenario that offers no going back.

FOUR TIMES THE FUN: Extreme hot weather days expected to quadruple in Southern British Columbia in further University of Waterloo report coverage. Three, four and five times as many hot days in years ahead as experienced in previous decades says the climate team. After changing out all residential heat-emitting lightbulbs British Columbians will instinctively gravitate towards sources of cooling relief including air conditioning and heat pump systems, this blogger suggests.

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