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Until a few years ago, Air Conditioning (AC) was considered a simple complementary addition to specific homes in the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

However, residents have recently witnessed significant heating waves every summer, and this trend seems to continue for the following years.

Now, with the possibility of warmer weather in the years to come, households do not perceive AC installation/maintenance as a luxury but rather a critical need.

In fact, the Vancouver City Council recently passed a policy establishing that by the beginning of 2025, every builder must install mechanical air-cooling systems in all new multi-family homes.

This policy aims to guarantee a more sustainable city but also attends to diverse health problems related to extremely high temperatures.

Benefits of a Proper Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance

Air conditioning can even prevents dehydration by maintaining an optimal and constant temperature for its users. In addition, it controls body sweating and all its related inconveniences.

Regarding the regular facilities’ environment, AC also reduces excessive humidity in the air, preventing the appearance of fungi and mold, which are harmful to health.

Air conditioning: Essential Both at Home and in The Office

Using air conditioning to mitigate the effects of heating waves has advantages at home and work.

On the one hand, at home, it helps us fall asleep better and relax more quickly, even in the hottest summer.

On the other hand, in the office, temperature control improves concentration and general intellectual performance, reducing stress and increasing productivity.

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