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As the spring-summer season approaches in Vancouver it’s natural to consider giving the furnace a break at home.

Questions related to when and how to turn off a home furnace are often a source of confusion. Here are some essential considerations before taking the first step:

Does The Furnace Always Have to be Turned Off in Summer?

Turning off the furnace during hotter weeks is generally a good idea. If the furnace is continually powered on it may unnecessarily consume valuable resources thereby raising the cost of energy bills.

Vancouver weather tends to be unpredictable even in spring. A home furnace may qualify for seasonal breaks depending on the local weather forecast. This approach may offer better results than waiting until Santa Claus comes to town to restore heating service.

With ongoing rain and cold nights still ahead it is preferable not to cut off power to the furnace entirely. Stick instead to setting a comfortable temperature on the thermostat as required.

If you have questions regarding your furnace’s temporary or permanent operation or questions related to optimizing energy savings do not hesitate to consult one of our experts.

Furnace and Air Conditioning: A Dream Team to Keep in Mind

Achieving climate-controlled HVAC home comfort is possible with the support of knowledgeable experts.  

One point for homeowners to remember is how air conditioners and furnaces usually share power from the same electrical distribution.

If your HVAC system includes central air conditioning turning off electrical power to the furnace during off-season could hamper partial or complete operation of your AC.

What Comes Next For My Furnace?

Vancouver homeowners looking for new opportunities to save on seasonal heating and cooling expenses must ensure the continuity of proper scheduled HVAC maintenance.

If you need professional advice and performance regarding this crucial task, do not hesitate to contact Canadian Care Heating & Cooling. We offer a number of services covering annual maintenance for air conditioning, furnaces, boilers and more.

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