With the weather getting warmer and drier throughout Metro Vancouver, residents are excited to get outdoors and enjoy the summer. Summer is often a time of care-free adventure, but with the recent heat waves throughout British Columbia, it has also been a time of soaring temperatures, making your home uncomfortable.

Although many homeowners assume their air conditioning system will solve the summer heat issues, this is not always the case. Air conditioning systems need constant cleaning and maintenance to work effectively, and without them, you will be spending extra money on weaker cooling power. 

So how do you prepare your air conditioning system for summer? Follow the steps below to be ready for the summer heat. 

Replace Old Filters

The air inside and outside your home contains air-borne pollutants such as germs, dust, debris, and pet hair. These particles can be very harmful to the air conditioning unit or our lungs and must be removed.

An air conditioner filter plays a crucial role in filtering this bacterium out of the air, protecting an AC system, and creating healthier air throughout the home. To ensure your air conditioner filter is working effectively, it should be cleaned every 30 days and replaced every 90 days. 

Straighten Coil Fins

Outdoor air conditioning systems are exposed to elements including rain, wind, dirt, and other external factors. Over time these external factors can bend the coil fins, blocking airflow and rendering the air conditioner useless.

To remedy the issue, unscrew the front plate of your AC system and run the comb between the evaporator and condenser coil. This process will straighten the fins and dislodge any dirt blocking the airflow.

Schedule A Professional Maintenance Appointment

If you do not have the tools or confidence to do these steps, contact a professional technician as soon as possible. Air conditioner maintenance is essential to the longevity of a system, and it should not be ignored.

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