Tell your neighbours how you replaced an old boiler to save the environment. Tell them that new gas furnace is saving you money. They don’t have to know how much fun the whole family is having when a warm and comfortable home is this season’s guilty pleasure.

Saving at Home

The British press has published an assortment of recent articles with advice for homeowners looking to save on utility bills, something that Canadians will appreciate as well.

In the interest of cost-cutting The Guardian newspaper invites readers to activate their boilers’ low-flow temperature condensing mode, turn off a tankless water heater’s pre-heat feature and lower thermostats by one degree. There’s also discussion of activating a boiler for two-hour periods only to increase both efficiency and annual savings in this how-to thrift guide.

Shopping Heat Pumps

The Express newspaper invites prospective heat pump owners to consider the overall energy efficiency of their homes, the age of existing boilers and furnaces as well as options for ductless mini-split or models that work with existing ducting.

Furnace Filter Facts

This month Better Homes and Gardens is offering an in-depth look at gas furnace filters that has readers asking for instructions to install a permanent washable filter that saves time and money. One can only imagine the savings versus regular filter replacements made of paper or fiberglass.

According to the magazine “If you notice that your heating and cooling bills are gradually increasing, it might be a sign that the efficiency of your system is starting to drop because the air filter needs to be replaced.”

The author further explains how with “Reduced airflow through the vents when the filter becomes clogged with dirt and debris … you will likely notice that you are dusting more frequently and that the air quality seems to have diminished, making it harder for those with allergies or respiratory conditions.”

Of course the above may also suggest homeowners book an air duct cleaning service to improve air quality in the home as well.

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