Stayin’ Alive: Ongoing boiler parts replacement cited in White Rock apartment building where persistent winter no-heat issues have rendered seniors’ living and common spaces near-unusable. Conditions are leading residents to wonder if seeking a proposal for installing a new boiler on the property is now a necessary next step. Property managers say that no heat or hot water offered during winter 2019-2020 were also boiler parts replacement-related. Read More.

Ladder of Opportunity: Western Canadian couple’s net zero energy home renovations made every square foot of the house the same temperature. Their home is reportedly heated by a $12,000 air-source heat pump that extracts heat from the outdoor air, even in the winter. Read More.

Here Comes the Sun: A study co-authored by the University of British Columbia Department of Sociology explored ways in which west coast consumers articulated feelings towards their utility companies and interest in solar power home renovations. Findings show that “people who distrust their utility are more likely to be interested in and to have rooftop solar panels.” Read More.

Sports Fever: Vancouver’s candidacy to host the 2030 Winter Olympics (already rejected by the provincial government) is still in play and the winning nomination will depend in part upon that city’s ability to prove average February temperatures over the previous 10 years were suitable for winter sports activities. Read More.

End-of-Year Blowout: Suspect unattended residential gas maintenance issues in two northern Canadian cities resulted in house explosions. A fire chief described feeling the shock wave from eight kilometers away before seeing black smoke rise in the distance. A second blast in a different city occurred at 2 a.m. when outdoor temperatures registered -50 C. One neighbour described an incomparable glow that emitted from the ruined structure’s windowless remains. Read More.

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