Playboy model and actress Pamela Anderson’s new HGTV Canada reality show focuses on home improvement renovations at her family’s six-acre southwestern British Columbia oceanside property. “Pamela’s Garden of Eden” follows an emotional and introspective narrative comparing her grandmother’s former homestead to a “broken heart” on the path to recovery. Read More.

Now that Halloween’s over it’s time to put fear of furnace and boiler maintenance behind us (once and for all). In 2015 a research team from Clarkson University investigated the relationship between reported ghostly apparitions and indoor air quality. According to Associate Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering Shane Rogers, “Human experiences reported in many hauntings are similar to mental or neurological symptoms reported by some individuals exposed to toxic molds.” Read More.

This winter’s free heat and hot water cost-saving tips from the New York Times include turning down the temperature on your hot water heater. The Times’ smart-home editor suggests manually turning down the heat. “Keeping the temperature right around or just above 120 °F [49°C] still gives you “plenty of hot water,” he adds, “but you’ll save dramatically.”” Read More.

Combi boiler users looking for ways to save on winter hot water bills are applying a lifehack from TikTok’s Budgetingmum who says saving money is as easy as changing the flow temperature. According to a report in the British press the hot water heating systems’ factory pre-set temperatures may operate the units at lower efficiency unless calibrated first by a qualified installation technician. Read More.     

Technical Safety B.C.’s report into a November 2021 explosion at a military base found contractors operating an excavator near a live natural gas line demonstrated limited situational awareness of potential risks. “The excavator bucket contacted the gas line where it re-entered the ground, severing it completely,” explains October’s report highlighting the important role played by competent qualified gas fitter technicians who understand the significance of maintaining safe operations for home natural gas heating systems along Canada’s pipeline networks. Read More.

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